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-===== MOTD ===== +===== Root Alias =====
- +
-Debian comes with an MOTD (message of the day) that contains some information about Debian. The MOTD file gets displayed at login, and we don't need to see the Debian info. So we clear the MOTD files:+
 +Debian sends some emails to root. We need to forward those emails to someone who will actually read them.
 <code rootshell>​ <code rootshell>​
-echo "" ​/etc/motd +# Set this to a comma-separated list of email addresses. 
-echo ""​ > /​etc/​motd.tail+ROOT_EMAIL_RECIPIENTS='​'​ 
 +sed -i -e "s|^root:​.*\$|root:​ $ROOT_EMAIL_RECIPIENTS|" /etc/aliases 
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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