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- ​http://​ painkiller ultram :D ativan ubb ultram 50mg >:-DD​accutane.html accutane >:​-D ​+====== NTP ====== 
 +We are running NTP to keep the clock accurate. 
 +===== Installation ===== 
 +<code bash> 
 +sudo apt-get install ntp ntp-doc ntpdate 
 +===== Configuration ===== 
 +We are using the default configuration that Debian ships withThis is primarily a client configuration -- we allow other systems only to get the current time; they may not query any further information(This is limited via the ''​restrict''​ keyword.) The daemon runs primarily in order to sync the system'​s time with the upstream NTP servers. 
 +The configuration file points to multiple upstream NTP servers within 
 +===== TODO ===== 
 +Need to show how to test that NTP is working.
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