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This is our wiki, which we'll use for internal purposes.

We have a few main areas in the wiki:

SSH Keys

Here are our SSH public keys. If you want us to have access to your servers, just add these to your ~/.ssh/known_hosts file.

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDc/SMvCtSqR8OLTRhW+DTC8Pewv7Uti/SKanz8ffVeRQAVPHY3z/EEBnSdKRNXws+74Z6/ROJOERMvcZvDX2Uz6ppJN++laVezjaJatZ2ziKLpV0pO3wxRZjF1x74UDoBlwKdGRX1me3y7qxpyVvzl3gudHRlqaw3VV0g0wpcwI3VQTzxcM0dPc9v0GHswHlDhk95Kb4RdEK0D9lGNp+KqDXTDZLIO6Qfsp2k49tDGe7q/tk7HPLi79ien1sD8zhfygpag5yzN8xmV3+wX7SEPh356TbiJSoR7Lt4TJkI96H6kg9cQmjBdIjF3tE0xjE7r2AgG+vAwH0IGdyaPs0z5 booch@hope Craig Buchek's MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012)


We have Private Enterprise Number (PEN) registered with the IANA. The PEN can be used for SNMP MIBs, LDAP, DHCP options, and other places that require unique dotted-numeric strings. The list of PEN assignments is at

Our PEN is 9954. The full code is

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