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====== BoochTek ====== This is our wiki, which we'll use for internal purposes. We have a few main areas in the wiki: * How we build our servers * How we configure our Mac developer systems * How we configure Windows systems * Our preferred Rails stack * Our preferred JavaScript tools ===== SSH Keys ===== Here are our SSH public keys. If you want us to have access to your servers, just add these to your ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file. ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDc/SMvCtSqR8OLTRhW+DTC8Pewv7Uti/SKanz8ffVeRQAVPHY3z/EEBnSdKRNXws+74Z6/ROJOERMvcZvDX2Uz6ppJN++laVezjaJatZ2ziKLpV0pO3wxRZjF1x74UDoBlwKdGRX1me3y7qxpyVvzl3gudHRlqaw3VV0g0wpcwI3VQTzxcM0dPc9v0GHswHlDhk95Kb4RdEK0D9lGNp+KqDXTDZLIO6Qfsp2k49tDGe7q/tk7HPLi79ien1sD8zhfygpag5yzN8xmV3+wX7SEPh356TbiJSoR7Lt4TJkI96H6kg9cQmjBdIjF3tE0xjE7r2AgG+vAwH0IGdyaPs0z5 booch@hope Craig Buchek's MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012) ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDVPe3uTSsY9RPUdO2voRkz3bPZDAcqbqj89jd77cbbgqW1eQewS1aoFcg7DR3mCkcql9ONOnSzz7lXs4iotajRcX0YCCQZNApgYpM7HxWzNHJA+w84A04sAAZZaNR8ssC7PTkOVGx30tzihF2HGpzHd4PWa4oSXcCF0a6T8wVTzhf3hs22zFJfexlWN8NROjsi+MkIPhk0BWTFT14qqO6DVWwdQpIPBj6d+0ekF/UBuUdY9Bh1LCnUob5mdQrjeXlxGMZOg0WE03WdEfO/57MdtRYDVzQckWRUAFKKq/KduVqnIe0UDPlbyJM0CTXTr4DFOkqeC8WHVIPsG+7XnH8L Craig Buchek's work iMac ===== PEN ===== We have Private Enterprise Number (PEN) registered with the IANA. The PEN can be used for SNMP MIBs, LDAP, DHCP options, and other places that require unique dotted-numeric strings. The list of PEN assignments is at Our PEN is 9954. The full code is

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