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mac:firefox [2013/07/06 10:20]
Admin [Installation] Upgrade to 22.0.
mac:firefox [2013/10/28 23:32] (current)
Craig Buchek Update to 24.0. We now use Firefox as our secondary browser.
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 ====== Firefox ====== ====== Firefox ======
-Firefox is still our default ​browser, mainly because we're still pretty happy with FireBug.+We're using Chrome a lot now, since its developer tools have gotten really good. But we still use Firefox as our secondary ​browser; it's good, especially along with FireBug.
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 <code bash> <code bash>
 # Set which version we're going to download. # Set which version we're going to download.
 # Download the latest DMG file. # Download the latest DMG file.
-wget "​http://​​pub/​​firefox/​releases/​${FIREFOX_VERSION}/​mac/​en-US/​Firefox%20${FIREFOX_VERSION}.dmg"​+curl -O "​http://​​pub/​​firefox/​releases/​${FIREFOX_VERSION}/​mac/​en-US/​Firefox%20${FIREFOX_VERSION}.dmg"​
 # Open the DMG file. # Open the DMG file.
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