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mac:javascript [2013/07/17 23:59]
Admin Install lots of npm packages.
mac:javascript [2013/10/28 18:11] (current)
Craig Buchek Homebrew version of npm now links binaries into /usr/local/bin, so we don't need to extend $PATH.
Line 11: Line 11:
 brew install node brew install node
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-We'll need to add npm's bin directory to our path for any command-line tools that it installs. 
-<code bash> 
-NPM_BIN_PATH="​$(npm -g bin)" 
-if ! grep "​$NPM_BIN_PATH"​ ~/.bashrc >/​dev/​null ; then 
-  echo >> ~/.bashrc ''​ 
-  echo >> ~/.bashrc '# Make sure binaries from Node (npm) packages are in our path.' 
-  echo >> ~/.bashrc "​export PATH=\"​\$PATH:​$NPM_BIN_PATH\""​ 
-  export PATH="​$PATH:​$NPM_BIN_PATH"​ 
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