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LibreOffice is a suite of office productivity programs – word processor, spreadsheet, presentations, and diagraming. It supports ODF formats, as well as Microsoft Office formats. We don't have a frequent need for these applications, but occasionally we do.

We can determine the latest version of the software from the LibreOffice download page. However, we'll automate the download and installation via command line.


# Set which version we're going to download.
# Download the latest DMG file.
wget "${LIBREOFFICE_VERSION}/mac/x86/LibreOffice_${LIBREOFFICE_VERSION}_MacOS_x86.dmg"
# Open the DMG file.
hdiutil attach "LibreOffice_${LIBREOFFICE_VERSION}_MacOS_x86.dmg"
# Copy the app file into the Applications folder.
cp -a /Volumes/LibreOffice/ /Applications/
# Unmount the DMG file.
hdiutil detach /Volumes/LibreOffice
# Add a dock icon.
dockutil --add /Applications/
# Remove the file we downloaded.
rm "LibreOffice_${LIBREOFFICE_VERSION}_MacOS_x86.dmg"
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