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 +====== LibreOffice ======
 +LibreOffice is a suite of office productivity programs -- word processor, spreadsheet,​ presentations,​ and diagraming. It supports ODF formats, as well as Microsoft Office formats. We don't have a frequent need for these applications,​ but occasionally we do.
 +We can determine the latest version of the software from the [[http://​​download | LibreOffice download page]]. However, we'll automate the download and installation via command line.
 +===== Installation =====
 +<code bash>
 +# Set which version we're going to download.
 +# Download the latest DMG file.
 +wget "​http://​​libreoffice/​stable/​${LIBREOFFICE_VERSION}/​mac/​x86/​LibreOffice_${LIBREOFFICE_VERSION}_MacOS_x86.dmg"​
 +# Open the DMG file.
 +hdiutil attach "​LibreOffice_${LIBREOFFICE_VERSION}_MacOS_x86.dmg"​
 +# Copy the app file into the Applications folder.
 +cp -a /​Volumes/​LibreOffice/​ /​Applications/​
 +# Unmount the DMG file.
 +hdiutil detach /​Volumes/​LibreOffice
 +# Add a dock icon.
 +dockutil --add /​Applications/​
 +# Remove the file we downloaded.
 +rm "​LibreOffice_${LIBREOFFICE_VERSION}_MacOS_x86.dmg"​
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