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Mac OS X Mavericks

This page documents the configuration of Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) on various Macs - particularly MacBook Pro with Retina Display and 27" iMac. We've still got a few places that apply to Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) as we move over to Mavericks.

System Preferences


  • Point & Click
    • CHECK Tap to click
    • CHECK Three finger drag
  • Scroll & Zoom
    • UNCHECK Smart zoom

NOTE: Enabling "tap and a half" for dragging is under Accessibility.

Desktop & Screen Saver

  • Desktop
    • Picture: Apple / Desktop Pictures / Sky
    • UNCHECK Translucent menu bar
  • Screen Saver
    • Screen Saver: Flurry
    • Start after: 10 Minutes


  • CHECK Minimize windows into application icon
  • CHECK Automatically hide and show the Dock

Language & Text

  • Language
    • Edit List…
      • UNCHECK everything except English
      • CHECK U.S. English
  • Region
    • Dates
      • Customize…
        • Short: YYYY-MM-DD
  • Input Sources
    • CHECK Keyboard & Character Viewer
    • CHECK Dvorak - Qwerty Command key
    • CHECK U.S.
    • CHECK U.S. Extended
    • CHECK Unicode Hex Input

Security & Privacy

  • General
    • Require password: 1 minute after sleep or screen saver begins
  • Firewall
    • CLICK Turn On Firewall
    • Firewall Options…
      • Add applications:
        • Chrome
        • Colloquy
        • Firefox
        • Skype
        • Songbird
        • Transmission


  • Privacy
    • ADD Downloads directory

Energy Saver

  • Battery
    • Computer sleep: 10 minutes
    • Display sleep: 5 minutes
  • Power Adapter
    • Computer sleep: 15 minutes
    • Display sleep: 10 minutes


  • Keyboard
    • CHECK Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys
      • NOTE: Use Fn+F10 for mute, etc.
    • Turn off (keyboard backlight) when computer is not used for: 1 min
    • Modifier Keys…
      • Caps Lock key: Control
  • Shortcuts
    • Full keyboard access: All controls (allows tabbing to include buttons and drop-downs)
    • Launchpad & Dock
      • UNCHECK Turn Dock Hiding On/Off
    • Mission Control
      • UNCHECK Mission Control
      • UNCHECK Application windows
      • UNCHECK Show Dashboard
      • UNCHECK Show Desktop
      • UNCHECK Move left a space
      • UNCHECK Move right a space
      • UNCHECK Switch to Desktop 1
    • Keyboard
      • Move focus to the menu bar - Command+/
    • App Shortcuts
      • All Applications
        • Show Help menu - Command+Shift+/
        • NOTE: Could not get Show Xyz menu to work for any other menus.
        • NOTE: Command+Shift+G will open a "Go to folder" box in Finder and any file dialog.
      • Terminal
        • Select Next Tab - Control+Tab
        • Select Previous Tab - Control+Shift+Tab
  • Add Printer or Scanner… (+)
    • Select each printer it finds
      • Set name and location
      • Use AirPrint if available


  • UNCHECK Show Bluetooth in menu bar


  • Computer Name: Hope
    • Edit…
      • Local Hostname: hope.local

Users & Groups

  • Guest User
    • UNCHECK Allow guests to log in to this computer
    • UNCHECK Allow guests to connect to shared folders
  • Login Options
    • Automatic login: Off
    • Display login window as: Name and password

Date & Time

  • Time Zone
    • Time Zone: Central Time
    • Closest City: St. Louis, MO - United States
  • Clock
    • CHECK Show the day of the week


  • Audio
    • CHECK Flash screen when an alert occurs
  • Mouse & Trackpad
    • Trackpad Options…
      • CHECK Enable dragging and select "without Drag Lock"
  • Zoom
    • CHECK Use scroll gesture with modifier keys to zoom:
      • Control

Battery Indicator

  • Click on battery indicator
    • CHECK Show Percentage


  • Preferences
    • Settings
      • Add a profile for BoochTek
        • Select Basic
        • Select Duplicate Settings from tools menu
        • Name new item: BoochTek
      • Select BoochTek
        • Text
          • Font: Courier New, Bold, 18 pt
          • CHECK Blink cursor
        • Window
          • Background Color: off-white/yellowish
          • Window Size: 120x32
        • Keyboard
          • Edit to change PageUp to send \033[5~ to applications
          • Edit to change PageDown to send \033[6~ to applications
          • Edit to change Home to send \033[H to applications
          • Edit to change End to send \033[F to applications
          • Edit to change Shift+PageUp to Scroll Page Up
          • Edit to change Shift+PageDown to Scroll Page Down
          • Edit to change Shift+Home to Scroll to Top
          • Edit to change Shift+End to Scroll to Bottom
        • Advanced
          • UNCHECK Audible bell
          • CHECK Visual bell
      • Add a profile for BoochTek Presentations
        • Select BoochTek
        • Select Duplicate Settings from tools menu
        • Name new item: BoochTek Presentations
      • Select BoochTek Presentations
        • Text
          • Font: Courier New, Bold, 29 pt
        • Window
          • Window Size: 80x24
      • Set BoochTek as the default
        • Select BoochTek
        • Hit the Default button at the bottom of the list
    • Startup
      • On startup, open: New window with settings: BoochTek


We'll install the dockutil tool, so we can add and remove dock items from the command line.

curl -k -O
sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/bin
sudo cp dockutil /usr/local/bin/
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/dockutil

Now we can easily remove items that we don't want in the dock:

dockutil --remove Launchpad
dockutil --remove 'Mission Control'
dockutil --remove Mail
dockutil --remove Contacts
dockutil --remove Reminders
dockutil --remove Notes
dockutil --remove Maps
dockutil --remove Messages
dockutil --remove FaceTime
dockutil --remove 'Photo Booth'
dockutil --remove iPhoto
dockutil --remove iBooks
dockutil --remove 'System Preferences'

We'll add a couple built-in items to the dock:

dockutil --add '/Applications/Utilities/'
dockutil --add '/Applications/Utilities/Activity'

We'll add the following items to the dock when we install them:

  • Thunderbird
  • Firefox
  • Komodo
  • TextMate
  • Eclipse
  • VLC
  • VMware


  • View / as List
  • View / Show View Options
    • CHECK Always open in list view
      • CHECK Browse in list view
    • Arrange By: None
    • Sort by: Date Last Opened
    • Text size: 16
    • Show columns:
      • Date Modified
      • Date Last Opened
      • Size
      • Kind
    • UNCHECK Show icon preview
  • Preferences
    • General
      • Show these items on the desktop:
        • CHECK External disks
        • CHECK CDs, DVDs, and iPods
      • New Finder windows show: (home directory)
    • Sidebar
      • UNCHECK All My Files
      • UNCHECK AirDrop
      • UNCHECK Documents
      • UNCHECK Movies
      • UNCHECK Music
      • UNCHECK Pictures
      • CHECK home directory
    • Advanced
      • CHECK Show all filename extensions
  • ADD some folders to sidebar
    • Personal
    • Work
    • Projects
    • Utilities (subfolder of Applications)
  • Sort folders in sidebar
    • Home directory
    • Personal
    • Work
    • Projects
    • Downloads
    • Applications
    • Utilities

Locate Database

Start daemon to populate the locate database, so we can use the locate command:

sudo launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/


The Computer Name is set in the Sharing Preferences pane, but this doesn't affect what the hostname command returns. To remedy this, issue the following command:

sudo scutil --set HostName hope

Home Directory

We'd like to create some more "standard" directories in our home directory.

cd ~
mkdir -p Work Work/Projects Work/Training Personal

For some reason, after reformatting and reinstalling Mac OS X Mountain Lion, my home directory ended up with 040777 permissions. Bundler and some other programs complained about this being world writable, and it truly is a security issue. So we manually removed the write permissions:

chmod go-w $HOME
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