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Access Killer

The idea is to basically replace Access. We'd have a PostgreSQL back end, with classes and fields pulled dynamically. The front end would use things like SimpleForm for building forms, but dynamically instead of hard-coding each row's details.


  • Large potential user base.
  • Lots of possible ways to charge.
    • Per month
    • Per user
    • Per DB
    • Custom installations
  • Could turn into a real startup.
  • Could do a Kickstarter to raise funds.
  • Timing is probably right.
    • Microsoft seems to be downplaying Access.


  • Might be challenging to implement well.
  • Might be more JavaScript than Ruby.
  • Could turn into a real startup.


  • Grid view/fill
  • Data definition
    • Name of each field
    • Type of each field
    • Label of each field
  • Form view/fill
  • Form builder
  • Report viewer
  • Report builder
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